Gently Used & Never Abused

We are a non smoking couple that live on our coach fulltime during the winter. No kids or grandkids, we have never used the auxiliary bedding. We do have small well behaved pets. Most summers we spend the majority of our time living on our old powerboat, but visit the coach regularly and exercise it accordingly.

Wear and tear is minimal. For example the original factory bedspread, matching pillows, shams, bed scarf and the living room pillows were substituted with less elegant “day-to-day” versions shortly after purchase and have seen little to no use – we did that just so we would have like-new textiles when we sold or traded the coach. Likewise the custom formed and bound entry and bathroom carpeting were put in storage and replaced with more utilitarian materials, so are also in like new condition. There is a tiny dent in the fridge freezer door that can be seen under certain lighting conditions. One or two cabinet handles may have a little wear in the finish. The high gloss solid surface counter in the kitchen may be a tad more dull now from use. There are a few minor wood blemishes here and there but overall the woodwork is in extraordinary shape.

Exterior paint is in excellent shape, in fact we just had Entegra make some minor repairs in Oct 2015. There are a few minor stone impact marks in the 3M front mask and a few small chips here and there – those are unavoidable. A full professional detailing was performed at least once a year in addition to many washings.

We just had Entegra service the roof seams in October. We never had any leaks and there are none that we are aware of now (and we watch for things like that). There is no smell of mold or dampness. The cargo areas are dry and clean, although the battery and propane compartments are not fully sealed (intentionally) so tend to get a little dusty from road grime.

Is it perfect? No, but it’s pretty close and probably much better than most. There are little things that will always need touching up or tweaking, no different than a sticks and bricks house, but we try to stay on top of them.

Mechanically Sound & Fully Up To Date On Service

We take good care of the coach and have professional servicing done at the prescribed intervals (or sooner). The vast majority of our service has been performed at the Spartan factory in Charlotte, MI. A major service interval was performed in Charlotte during October 2015 including all 2 year items (including less common items like the Air Dryer, DEF filter, Coalescing filter, etc.) The upcoming service for fall 2016 will only require the 12 month items (oil, filters, lube).

We have full service records available in addition to all the original documentation that came with the coach.

The front axle has two brand new Michelin 295 tires with 2016 date codes. The other six tires are 275 Goodyear’s with late 2012 date codes. The front tires were replaced at Spartan’s expense due to an alignment error that caused uneven wear – all has been corrected.

Except for the early spring delivery to the northeast US in April 2013, this coach has not been driven in winter snow and ice conditions.

Continuous Improvements

We have been adding improvements continuously. For example, most of the non LED lights have been upgraded to LED, except for a few accent lights. Some lighting rewiring was done to improve ambiance. Appliance improvements like the Fisher-Paykel Dishwasher – it is small in size, large in capacity and one of the best & quietest we have ever used, it consumes as little as 2 gallons per cycle. A stir pump control switch was added to the AquaHot to improve hot water stability for showering. Storage enhancements like additional shelves. The wet bay was reconfigured and gained considerably more storage. The fixed factory panel on the passenger side of the wet bay was converted to a flip up door and storage added therein. Open air storage tray was added under the propane tank. Air dryer pop off silencer. The sliding pantry storage has been enhanced with 500 lb. Accuride drawer slides and more shelves. The rear and side cameras have been enhanced so a side and rear view can be seen at the same time. Subwoofers were relocated out of cabinets to more appropriate areas. Many more!

They Don’t Make ’em Like They Used To

While the tried and true basic construction techniques at Travel Supreme/Entegra have stayed the same, some features have been deleted over time to reduce cost on the new models. Some items present on this coach that you will not find on newer Aspire’s:



ALL items that came with the coach originally WILL be included. However, some items that we added during our ownership will not be included with the coach. Some are personal, some are decorative and some are electrical or mechanical add-ons that we can transfer to the new coach (none are factory original). For any items that require de-installation or removal, there will be zero impact on the function and operation on the coach. Furthermore there will be no cosmetic or physical sign that these items ever existed (with the possible exception of the artwork mentioned below).